Welcome To Wicca Moon

Welcome to our online magickal shop where you will find everything a witch could need all in one place. Everything is handmade by ourselves at our physical store in Eltham, London, by witches, wisewomen and priestesses of many years experience.

What Our Customers Say...

Angela Pembroke ~ A well placed nook away from the hustle and bustle of the high street. Within is a treasure trove of delights for the soul and senses, from glittering window displays, the smell of incense, enticing books and ornaments. At the heart of the shop stand the sisters of Wicca Moon, always there to advise, help and just let you be in the moment. A shop like no other, no gimmicks or fakery, even down to the tiniest crystal, things are wrapped with love and sent on their magical journey with you.

Diane Townshend ~ All of the ladies that are a part of the Wicca Moon community are beautiful souls, and that shines through whenever you enter their space! It brings you a sense of peace when you go through the door, and I always feel better for a visit! The shop has pretty much anything you might need, whatever path you're on xx  

Dixie Slider ~ Awesome place to shop for your witchy bits n bobs. Having moved away from the area I'm really glad to hear about the new online option....happy days!!  

Wendy Creed ~ A community of wise women providing an invaluable service for those of us who tread a different path. The shop not only stocks a wonderful array of necessities for the working witch but also other bibs and bobs too numerous to mention and rest assured a warm welcome awaits you.  

Cîara Frain ~ Wonderful owners and a wonderful shop. I feel so warm and welcomed when inside. Such genuine, kind people and they are always willing to talk to you as well as show you items you might be interested in. A shop you MUST visit for all your witchy requirements! )O(